Sims: Tatiana Lombardi

Hello again, I'm sharing my very first Sim with you! Here is the beautiful but short tempered Tatiana Lombardi. I've made her into a teen because I think that there aren't enough unique teen sims to download. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I got her makeup from. Hope you like her!



Objects: Artwork Posters 1

Hey fellow Sims3 addicts, I've created some cutesy artistic paintings taken from the talented Tabitha Emma, Hennie Haworth and Bindi Booth. Enjoy!


Welcome to my website!

After months and months of consideration, I have finally made a Sims3 downloading website! I am pretty new here in the Sims3 creator world and I am learning new things every time I attempt to create something. I accept requests of any kind, but please avoid asking for anything related to meshing because I have no idea how that works (for now.) What I do not accept is disrespectful comments, so please if you have anything negative to say about my creations, please do it politely. So let the procrastination begin! :)